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  • What is Egyptian cotton?

    Egyptian cotton is one of the finest cottons in the world as the staple of cotton plants in Egypt is abnormally long.

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  • What is a jogging stroller?

    Jogging strollers feature three bicycle-style wheels and suspension.

  • Why are rear-facing car seats better?

    This style of car seat offers better support for your baby’s fragile neck and provides better protection in the event of a crash.

  • When should I swap my child’s car seat to a booster seat?

    When your child reaches the age of four and weighs more than 40 pounds. Also, you should swap seats if your child has grown too tall for their car seat.

  • When can babies start wearing shoes?

    Babies should go barefoot as much as possible in order for their feet to develop properly. However, you can buy shoes for them around their first birthday when they start walking.

  • How far in advance do I need to order wedding stationery?

    At least 6 weeks will be ample time for ordering your stationery and sending out your invitations.

  • What is percale weave?

    A percale weave is very similar to a plain weave. However, the principal difference is that the threads are woven tighter.

  • What is a thread count?

    A thread count measures how many threads there are in a square inch of a fabric.

  • Does a higher thread count denote superior quality?

    While materials with a high thread count will feel softer than those with a lower thread count, this does not necessarily mean that they are better fabrics. Indeed, linen has a low thread count but is considered one of the best fabrics to sleep in. In add

  • What is the difference between cotton and linen?

    While there are a number of similarities between the two materials as they are made from plant fibers, cotton is made from cotton plants and linen is made from fiber from flax plants.