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  • What is a bucket bag?

    As its name suggests, a bucket bag is a type of bag which features a round base and a drawstring closure. This type of bag usually has a single strap.

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  • What is patent leather?

    Patent leather is a type of leather which has a very glossy surface.

  • What is a duffle bag?

    Also called a weekend bag, a duffle bag is the perfect bag for travelling as they are versatile and have a number of compartments to safely store your belongings.

  • What is a tote bag?

    A tote bag is a large handbag which features a set of parallel handles either side of the bag opening. These bags are quite capacious and ideal for those who need to carry a number of items with them.

  • What is a hobo bag?

    A hobo bag is a large, crescent moon shaped handbag which is worn over the shoulder. They are often made from soft fabrics and are a practical option for those who wish to carry numerous belongings with them.

  • What is a satchel?

    A satchel is a bag with a long strap and a flap which is carried on the shoulder. These bags are a great option for those who need to carry books and paperwork with them.

  • What is a clutch bag?

    Clutches are handle-less bags which are designed to hold essential items. These are very formal bags and are available in a whole range of styles and materials.