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    Yes4All Tricep Rope
    Perfect for all lat pull cable workouts and easily attached to cable clips while the rubber end grips provide a secure gripping surface for the users. Great for workouts such as the cable incline push down, close-grip front lat pull down, straight arm pull downs, under hand cable pull down, and V-bar pull down.

    Material: Chrome plated solid steel bar- Warranty: 90 day limited warranty
     Dimension: 12" length, ¼" diameter
     Item weight: 12 lbs
     Max weight capacity: 500lbs
     Color: Black Braided Rope

    Yes4All Rotating Straight Bar
    This bar is a perfect addition to your home gym or Smith machine. Ideal for tricep press-downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, seated rows, plus more. This bar The bar features a durable steel construction, revolving hanger, rubber handgrips with rubber ends.

     Material: Solid chrome steel
     Dimension: 18" long, 1" diameter, weight 5 lbs.
     Shipping weight: 1.6 pounds
     Textured handles, knurling, chrome finish. Commercial class.

    Yes4All Tricep V Shaped Press Down Bar
    V-shaped press down solid steel bar of Yes4All features  a high, polished chrome finish. Ideally used with Lat machine, Weight lifting and fitness cable attachments for body-building workout.

     Material: solid steel bar with High, polished chrome finish
     Textured and knurling handles for snug grip
     Shipping weight: 5.1 pounds; Dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inches

    Manufacturer: Yes4All

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