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    1.Suggest clean the humidifier once a week, otherwise scale and dust will grow

    2.Please do not add water directly into the base, otherwise, there will be no

    mist coming out, and the humidifier will leak on your table.

    3.To prevent any unpleasant odor and promote the efficiency, Please regularly

    clean The humidifier with Citric or vinegar.

    4.Please do not add Essential oil into the water tank, since the Essential oil will

    corrode The product.

    5.Do not place the product on carpet, A towel which may obstruct the airflow.

    6.Please keep the product away from wall at a distance about 15cm when in


    7.It's normal for the humidifier to reserve some water in the water tank to safe

    guard its running.


    ideal humidity, increased comfort


    With adjustable mist output up to 180ml/H, you can easily control the humidity

    level for maximum comfort. The cool mist helps prevents dry eye, scratchy

    nose and throat, offer sound sleep and reduce static electricity when it's dry in

    the winter from the heat in the house.



    input: 100v-240v, 50-60 hz

    water tank capacity: 2.0L

    max mist output: >180ml/h 


    package contents:

    victsing ultrasonic cool mist humidifier ×1 

    Manufacturer: VicTsing

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