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  • Manufacturer: NEORTX

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    1. AV composite cable USB plug male to 3 RCA male adapter cable.
    2. RCA to USB cable does not transfer data, it is only for viewing images.
    3. This cable has molded connectors and integral strain-relief for durability and long life.
    4. Constructed of high quality materials, it has double-shielding with foil and braid to provide maximum EMI / RFI protection and superior signal quality.
    5. A flexible PVC jacket makes this cable easy to install, even in tight corners and other space-restricted areas.

    Type: Video Cables & Interconnects
    Color: Black
    Core Material: Copper
    Length: approx 1.5m

    Package Includes:
    1 x USB to 3 RCA Cable

    This cable allows you to view pictures and videos from camcorders on your USB-enabled television or on your PC.
    This item does not come with any software and cannot provide any.
    This cable will not work for connecting a computer to a TV. You cannot get an image signal through a USB port that way.
    This cable is not transferring data or files, it is only for viewing images on RCA-equipped camcorders.

    Manufacturer: NEORTX

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