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    Instead of starting a health care search with a blank computer screen or simply accessing ordinary information available most anywhere on the Web, you can begin with help from the prestigious Medical Library Association. Each entry will show you how an experienced health sciences librarian would approach a question. You can begin a truly valuable search knowing: special searching issues, what to ask, where to start, supplementary search strategies, topic profile, recommended search terms and important sites, hotline phone numbers, FAQs, publications on the internet, professional organizations, patient support organizations and discussion groups, and best "one-stop-shops." Finally there's one ready-reference source written by librarians to help their colleagues that contains every important aspect of the question you or your patron want to answer. It's time-saving, it's authoritative, it sets a new standard for comprehensive medical information reference.

    VOLUME 1: Search Strategies / Quick Reference Guide
    VOLUME 2: Diseases and Disorders / Mental Health and Mental Disorders
    VOLUME 3: Health and Wellness / Life Stages and Reproduction / Cumulative Index

    Manufacturer: Neal-Schuman Publishers

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