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    Why Do We Choose PE Emergency Sleeping Bag Instead of PET Mylar Emergency Bag?

    1. MEZONN's Premium heavy duty PE material is durable, thicker, softer that mylar material.

    2. PE material is nontoxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and reusable, which can be used for food packaging. So it is safe for people with rhinitis, sensitive people with inflammation, pregnant women, etc.

    3. It is reusable if properly taken care of.

    4. It doesn't make that much noise compared to Mylar Bivy Sacks.


    1. Dimensions (inches): 3.08 ft x 6.73 ft(37*80.7 inches)

    2. Material: Heavy duty aluminized PE material

    3. Color: high-visibility orange and sliver


    This Emergency Sleeping Bag is great for camping, hiking, backpacking, boating, travelling, and outdoor activity. You can easily throw them in your hiking backpack, car, first aid kit, go-bag, camping gear, or emergency kit at home or at work. Stay warm, help prevent hypothermia or shock in emergency situations, and keep yourself and your family safe.
    In fact, uses are nearly limitless, as emergency blanket, rain poncho, emergency signal , shade cover, fishing lure, bird repellent, emergency shelter, sleeping bag liner, ground cover, bivouac sack, wind blocker, arm sling, bivy, water collector, snow melt container.
    Compact when folded-this bivy sack will easily fit inside your backpack, travel pouch, car glove compartment, roadside emergency/survival kit, etc.


    Mezonn is committed to the development and production of high quality outdoor products, mainly produces emergency blankets, emergency sleeping bags, emergency tents, beach blankets, picnic mats, etc, bringing the ultimate convenience and safety experience for your life! Welcome to Mezonn's store!

    Manufacturer: Mezonn

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