HDE 3 RCA to USB Audio/Video A/V...

  • Manufacturer: HDE

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    This cable allows you to view pictures and videos from camcorders on your USB enabled desktop or laptop PC. Included female to female USB adapter allows two male USB cables to be connected together so additional cable length can be added as needed (additional cable not included). Please check device compatibility prior to purchase.

    Please Note: This cable will not work with connecting a computer to a TV. You cannot get an image signal through a USB port that way. This cable is not transferring data or files, it is only for viewing images on RCA-equipped camcorders and cameras.

    Please Note: Additional software may be required. This item does not come with any software.

    Please Note: Cable is for transmitting images and video from devices such as cameras and older camcorders, will not stream video from phones, tablets, or PCs to your television

    Manufacturer: HDE

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