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    Keep Your Trousers Still
    Enjoy a good fit with our 4 strong metal clips attach to any kind of pants or jeans.
    Be amazed by our high quality clasps that grip on securely without unintentional unbuckling.
    Suit up and add style to your business attire with this formal solid brace.

    Reliable and Comfortable to Wear
    Each side is adjustable by loosening the metal clamp and sliding it up or down to the length that you need.
    Thick stretch edge elastic ribbon, can protect your shoulders, comfortable and beautiful.

    Adds a Professional Look
    The variety of available colors make your perfect choice to match every outfit and uniform.
    Ideal for daily wear, birthdays, parties, Halloween, dance groups, school functions and so on.

    Package Include
    1 X clip-on suspender

    100% Risk Free
    If there is any question with our products, please contact us.
    We will do our best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!

    May You a Happy Shopping!
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    Manufacturer: CEAJOO

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